Sand, gravel and rocks. Heat, dust and heavy loads. Mercedes-Benz Off-Road vehicles master even the most difficult terrains and challenges. We have sent our full range of highly capable off-road vehicles to test the limits - from the light-duty G-Wagon 4x4 to the super-heavy-duty Actros 8x8 tractor. Watch the full movie and see yourself what is possible when performance and robustness encounter the harsh conditions in the Middle East.
Watch the full movie of our <br/>off-road range here. play

Watch the full movie of our
off-road range here.

The Zetros. <br/>Impressive in all aspects.

The Zetros.
Impressive in all aspects.

The Zetros is a stunning truck in the tradition of the extremely robust Mercedes-Benz bonnet-type trucks. The 6x6 chassis variant is available with single- and double cab; and the 6x6 tractor comes with a powerful 428hp engine and a massive Gross Combination Weight of up to 116 tons.

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The Atego. <br/>Compactness meeting performance.

The Atego.
Compactness meeting performance.

The Atego is the Mercedes amongst medium-duty off-road trucks. Available as a compact 4x4 chassis variant, the Atego provides striking 17.1 tons Gross Vehicle Weight and comes with a powerful 6 cylinder engine sporting 245 hp.

The Actros. <br/>Unmatched versatility and performance.

The Actros.
Unmatched versatility and performance.

The Actros is the most versatile off-road truck with variants ranging from 4x4 chassis models to 8x8 tractors. With up to 612 hp and a Gross Combination Weight reaching 250 tons, the Actros is ready for every challenge.

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The G-Wagon. <br/>Unlike any other.

The G-Wagon.
Unlike any other.

The off-road capabilities of the G-Wagon have assumed a legendary status – well-deserved over decades. Available as a 4x4 Station Wagon as well as a 6x6 chassis with double-cab, the G-Wagon offers extreme robustness and practicality.

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