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The Actros offers a wide selection of different applications. Strong and rugged, it meets all the varied requirements throughout the region. Whether for long haulage or in rough construction areas, the Actros is the ideal option when it comes to durability, reliability and efficiency – three essential aspects in every segment.

Waste compactor

Rapidly growing cities, an expanding construction industry, large seaports and airports – all generate increasing quantities of refuse that needs to be disposed of professionally. The process normally involves two stages. The first stage involves refuse collection. In the second stage, refuse is either taken to a sorting plant, where reusable items are separated from the residue, or it is taken directly to an incineration plant.


18XX 20XX 33XX 40XX
Gross vehicle weight (t)* 18 20 33 40
Payload (kg)* 10,000 15,000 23,000 30,000
Wheelbases (mm) 4,500 - 6,000 4,500 - 5,400 4,200; 4,500 4,200; 4,500
Cabs S-cab; M-cab; L-cab S-cab; M-cab; L-cab S-cab; M-cab; L-cab S-cab; M-cab; L-cab
Axle configuration 4x2 4x2 6x4 6x4
Engine types V6; V8 V6; V8 V6; V8 V6; V8
Horsepower 313 - 476 313 - 476 313 - 476 313 - 476
Emission classes Euro 2; Euro 3 Euro 2; Euro 3 Euro 2; Euro 3 Euro 2; Euro 3
Gearboxes (speeds) 12; 16 12; 16 12; 16 12; 16
* technically permitted weights/loads. Payload dependent on configuration.

Refuse collection: efficient and stable.

Actros refuse collection vehicles can handle large quantities of waste in a single load, thanks to appropriately rated engines. Their long wheelbase provides very good vehicle stability, perfect for crowded areas.

Spacious and safe cab design.

Thanks to its comfortable cabs, the Actros provides plenty of room for every occupant. The optional centre seat and the bench at the rear of the cab provide space for the whole waste collection crew. Furthermore, safety is enhanced thanks to great visibility from the driver’s seat – essential when working in tight city streets. The front mirror, available on request, reduces the blind spot area, especially directly in front of the vehicle.

Various numbers of application variants.

Together with the high number of variants available, the outstanding body-mounting capability of the Actros chassis – combined with Mercedes-Benz Bodybuilder support – make the Actros the preferred choice of customers and body manufacturers alike.


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