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The Actros offers a wide selection of different applications. Strong and rugged, it meets all the varied requirements throughout the region. Whether for long haulage or in rough construction areas, the Actros is the ideal option when it comes to durability, reliability and efficiency – three essential aspects in every segment.

Troop carrier

Troop carriers are designed to transport infantry with their equipment – on surfaced roads or even off-road over rough terrain. Troop carriers, or “personnel carriers” as they are sometimes called, vary greatly in size, power, and configuration– from a 4x4 chassis up to an 8x8 truck, depending on the bay length and the number of troops.


18XX AK 20XX A;
33XX A;
40XX A;
Gross vehicle weight (t)* 18 20 33 40
Payload (kg)* 10,000 11,000 22,000 28,000
Wheelbases (mm) 4,500 - 6,000 3,900 - 4,500 3,600 - 4,500 3,600 - 4,500
Cabs S-cab; M-cab;
S-cab; M-cab;
S-cab; M-cab;
S-cab; M-cab;
Axle configuration 4x4 4x4 6x6 6x6
Engine types V6; V8 V6; V8 V6; V8 V6; V8
Horsepower 313 - 503 313 - 456 313 - 578 313 - 578
Emission classes Euro 2; Euro 3 Euro 2; Euro 3 Euro 2; Euro 3 Euro 2; Euro 3
Gearboxes (speeds) 16 16 16 16
* technically permitted weights/loads. Payload dependent on configuration.

Bench seating and removable camouflage.

The Actros troop carrier’s design is based on two seat benches with back rests, parallel to the truck frame. The whole unit is covered with camouflaged tarpaulin which can be removed at any time.

Flexible design: transport troops or carry cargo.

Along with carrying infantry, the unit can also be utilised as a cargo body – simply by removing the two foldable seat benches.


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