Good handling and versatility
for tight spaces.

The Atego is an ideal solution for medium-duty applications such as distributing goods, transporting construction materials, or in areas where increased manoeuvrability is required. With its robust and reliable technology, it efficiently performs the widest variety of tasks.

Fire fighter

Fire never waits. Thanks to its reliable technology, the Atego is ready to provide maximum performance. Mercedes-Benz has a long and successful tradition of manufacturing vehicles for fire fighting operations and the Atego taps into its proud heritage whenever on call.


9XX AF 1225 F;
1225 AF
13XX F;
15XX F;
Gross vehicle weight (t)* 9.5 12 13.5 15
Payload (kg)* 4,200 7,400; 6,400 7,600; 8,500 9,100; 10,000
Wheelbases (mm) 3,260 - 3,860 3,610; 3,860 3,610; 4,160 3,610 - 4,760
Cabs S-cab; L-cab S-cab; L-cab S-cab; L-cab S-cab; L-cab
Axle configuration 4x4 4x2; 4x4 4x2; 4x4 4x2; 4x4
Engine types In-line 4;
In-line 6
In-line 6 In-line 6 In-line 6
Horsepower 170 - 245 245 245; 279 245; 279
Emission classes Euro 2;
Euro 3
Euro 2;
Euro 3
Euro 2;
Euro 3
Euro 2;
Euro 3
Gearboxes (speeds) 6; 9 6 6 6
* technically permitted weights/loads. Payload dependent on configuration

Ready when you are: reliable, spacious and efficient.

The Atego brings you there. Ergonomic cab entry and wide-opening doors make getting in easy – even when fully suited up in protective gear. The cockpit of the Atego is designed to help you focus on the road and achieve maximum driving efficiency. The optionally available crew cab, with a maximum capacity of 7 crew members, provides enough space for all the fire-fighting equipment you need.

Helping you battle the blaze – anywhere, any time.

Regardless of where the fire is, the Atego will help you reach it. Together with the standard street version, our customers have the choice of a 4x4 version with permanent all-wheel drive. For outstanding traction, the vehicle is equipped with rear-axle differential lock and an inter-axle differential lock. Optionally, the front axle can be equipped with a third differential lock for additional traction off-road.


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